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Main Horn Industrial Co., Ltd. (KTC)

2018-08-26 22:58:29

Founded in 1959, Main Horn Industrial Co., Ltd. (KTC) has been a leader of its kind in designing, developing and manufacturing industrial grade products, as well as offering most satisfactory services, especially automotive aftermarket suspension system parts.  

The firm boasts that it always insists on operation philosophy: quality first, integrity, and mutual trust. In conjunction with stable and constant business development, KTC now has grown into a leading supplier of a wide- ranging steering and suspension parts for passenger cars and agriculture machines, as well as different kinds of high-end performance- tuning items. 

KTC offers a comprehensive range of products, covering most makes and models from Japanese, Korean, European and American auto and agricultural machinery makers. Its major product lines include: drag links, tie rod ends, rack ends, idler arms, pitman arms, ball joints, control arms, stabilizer links, lateral arms, etc.   

The maker is very proud of the strong capability from its R&D team, which constantly research on newer and better product functions, characters, materials, practicality, durability etc., so as to achieve the best-possible development of each new item. With such ability in-house, KTC also provides customization services to global customers.

KTC also boasts that its product quality and prompt delivery are also key factors leading to its outstanding position in the international market. In conjunction with constant business gains in almost all past years, the maker’s constantly-expanding production lines have been filled with flooding orders. To achieve even-better quality level, even-higher production efficiency, and shortest delivery time, KTC has kicked off planning for a new, modern and integrated factory in Taiwan, which will be equipped with top-end, most advanced automated production lines, as well as a low-pollution, green facility.

Quality steering and suspension parts made by KTC are widely welcome by customers worldwide, especially in North America, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America etc. In addition to own-brand sales, the company has been a major supplier to many international big-names on OEM basis, proving its outstanding ability in supplying best-quality, high cost/performance (C/P) ratio products.