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View Max Industrial Co., Ltd.,

2018-08-26 22:58:01

View Max Industrial Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest and most-comprehensive suppliers of aftermarket (AM) replacement auto mirrors, supplies over 15,000 applications of side mirrors, upgrade mirror housings, and related parts for mainly European, Japanese and Korean makes and models.  

Celebrating its 25th anniversary last year, the company’s “ViewMax” own-brand has grown into the No. 1 nameplate of its kind in Europe, in terms of both quality and product range.

Tony Yang, president of the leading auto-mirror maker, claims to have paved the way for Taiwanese counterparts to enter the European market, and all of its products are E-mark approved, also disclosing its key to successful wide-ranging lineup being steady investment in new-product development. “We develop products for mostly all European cars under 3,000cc, with sufficient products for about 80% to 90% of European makes and models.”

To offer an increasing array of items to the global aftermarket, View Max has been diversifying its product lines for also Japanese and Korean makes and models in recent years. Currently, about 70% of the company’s items are for European cars, while the rest 30% for mainly Japanese and Korean makes and models.

Yang claims to invest an average of NT$80 million to NT$100 million (US$2.7 million to US$3.3 million) in mold and die development every year, and the firm's mold-development workshops and contractors work “everyday” with View Max's new items. “We add 300 to 500 new items for 35 to 45 car models into our catalogue every year (at least 10 new items for a specific car model),” the president claims, “while we are also gradually increasing our investment in product development, so as to further consolidate our leading position in the business.”