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CAPAS 2020

2020-02-03 20:02:00

Serving as a business gateway into Southwest China’s evolving automotive market and supply chain, the Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services (CAPAS) has gradually risen, becoming one of the region’s most reputable automotive trading platforms. In 2020, CAPAS will turn its spotlight onto the E-mobility & Infrastructure zone. The zone debuted back in 2016, and since then, it has continued to advance alongside the growing market. This year, the fair will strengthen its product categories, scope of onsite services, as well as the number of fringe events that serve the needs of all industry players. 

The seventh edition of CAPAS is set to open from 21 to 23 May 2020 at the Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition & Convention Center, China. To further promote the prosperous automotive industry and facilitate sales growth in Southwest China, CAPAS 2020 expects to gather more than 600 domestic and international exhibitors. Their latest products, services and technologies will cover the 48,000 sqm show floor.

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Transportation revealed that the number of repair and maintenance workshops in the province has reached 31,697 outlets5.

At the same time, many development plans and industry-friendly policies support the local auto parts and new energy vehicles sectors. As a result, the region has seen the gradual development of more vehicle production, auto parts manufacturing and aftermarket services within the automotive supply chain. With extensive resources and a local understanding on the dynamic market, CAPAS will continue to explore potential development opportunities, as well as facilitate the market’s opening up for those who look to expand their business in the region.

Mr James Yu, Deputy General Manager of Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd, commented: “Throughout the years, CAPAS has continued to utilise its seven themed zones and adjusted the show’s offering to address changing market needs. To highlight, this year’s featured E-mobility & Infrastructure zone will present the most cutting-edge technology to promote new energy vehicles and its development in the region.”

Mr Yu continued: “Moving forward, we will coordinate closely with Southwest government bodies to integrate industry resources and meet major developmental objectives.

CAPAS 2020 promotes provincial new energy trends and policies

With the provincial government investing heavily in the new energy sector, numerous developmental policies support the expansion of production capabilities in Southwest China. Policies such as the “Plan for the Development of New Energy and Connected Mobility Industry 2019” by the Sichuan Provincial Government offers a scheme to optimise the production lifecycle; from innovation and production to end user experiences, which feedback into the industry transformation.

In light of these drastic changes, the
 E-mobility and Infrastructure zone, once again, will highlight the region’s new energy vehicle sector. In the 2019 edition, the zone attracted 28 renowned new energy brands including BYD, Geely, JAC Motors, Porsche, Roewe, Tesla and Volkswagen to name a few. Top-tier players like AIWAYS, Qiantu Motor and WM Motor also displayed their latest new energy car models in various sectors across the show floor. Elsewhere, themed fringe events like the Made in Chengdu Supply and Demand Business Matching Conference for New Energy Vehicle Products provided an effective channel for business networking among participants.  

CAPAS 2020 will further expand the zone’s offerings, bringing a wider scope of cutting-edge products, equipment and technologies for the new energy and 
connected vehicle sectors. Visitors will see a line-up of batteries, motor and electric control systemscharging piles and operation systems, as well as connectivity solutions. These products and technologies can help participants reveal unexplored business opportunities, in addition to accelerating the development of the sector in

5 Statistics by Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation, China, 2018. 

Southwest China.

CAPAS will hold a range of key events to match the needs between 
suppliers, dealers and end-users. Events include conferences, business matchmaking, project presentations, store visits, skills and technical training sessions, and seminar discussions. Carmakers and auto parts manufacturers will benefit from more cooperation and unfolding investment opportunities, which also help to foster industry development as a whole.

Featured fringe events like the China New Energy Vehicle International Cooperation Conference 2020 will return to the fair with more in-depth knowledge sharing. Other events include the Automotive Industry Projects Presentation on Sichuan Province and the 
Made in Chengdu Supply and Demand Business Matching Conference for New Energy Vehicle Products. In addition, CAPAS will invite representatives from government agencies, industry associations, and speakers from the car manufacturing, new energy and connected vehicle sectors to share insights at its concurrent events. Visitor delegations from along the Belt & Road will also be present at these insightful events.

Alongside upgrades to the E-mobility & Infrastructure zone, six other enhanced zones include Parts & ComponentsCommercial VehicleAccessories & CustomisingRepair, Supply Chain & Chain StoresTyres and Made in Sichuan.

CAPAS is jointly organised by CCPIT-Auto, Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd and CCPIT-Sichuan. CAPAS is the only automotive trade fair in Southwest China that Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd organise, and is the second automotive trade fair in the subsidiary’s portfolio. For more information about the show, please visit www.capas-chengdu.com or email auto@hongkong.messefrankfurt.com