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Well-Tech Electric Co., Ltd.

2020-03-18 21:41:34

Well-Tech Builds Competitiveness on Tailored Motors

Well-Tech Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading Taiwanese manufacturer of tailor-made motors and related components stressing good designs for a variety of applications, such as cars, motorcycles, vessels, agricultural machinery, industrial machinery, sporting equipment, business machines, and military hardware. These products include wiper motors, fan motors, blowing motors for heaters, cooling fans for radiators, cooling fans for air conditioners, resistors, and wiper links.

Of these applications, vehicles are the primary category for the company’s products, which are now available as aftermarket components for European, American and Japanese models of passenger cars and trucks. 

The company started in 1973 in southern Taiwan as a distributor of aftermarket wiper motors from Japanese big-name suppliers Denso, Jideco, and so on. Twelve years later, the company began shipping Taiwanese automaker Yulon Motor Co., Ltd.’s repair and maintenance factories its radiators, air-conditioner motors, and blower motors, which it made by itself based on the know-how it had gleaned from repairing and maintaining the products as a part of its after-sales service for its imported components.

In 1987, Well-Tech moved in its new factory containing 1,500 square meters of floor area when it began expanding operation to include Taiwanese trading companies in its customer list.

The company began building its presences in overseas markets around 10 years later. It went to Southeast Asian automotive exhibitions in 1996, entered the American market for wiper motors and blower motors and European market for agricultural-machinery motors in 1997, started shipping its products to the Latin American markets in 2000, expanded into the Middle East market in 2001, and landed orders from Holland customers for its yacht wiper motors in 2003.
In 2009, Well-Tech secured orders from German and Italian buyers and began shipping its products to Japanese truck maker Isuzu Motor Co., Ltd.’s maintenance service centers through a Japanese customer. Currently, Japan and Southeast Asia are Well-Tech’s primary markets. 

Components for heavy-duty vehicles are now the company’s major revenue earners. “That’s because they require higher quality standard to meet tougher work environment. Which means they command higher value,” elaborates Well-Tech Executive Vice President Max Liao. 

The company rolled out blower motors and wiper motors for European models of heavy-duty trucks in 2008. Its wiper motors go to Taiwanese bus assembly lines in 2013. It developed wiper motors and blower motors for construction vehicles in 2014. In the following year, it developed wiper motors and blower motors for American models of trucks.

In the meantime, the company has also expanded into other motor products, like yacht wiper motors, brushless direct current motors, motors for multi-purpose business machines, motors for tennis-racket threading machines, wiper systems for Japanese light-duty motorcycles, and motors for Japanese light automobiles called Kei cars. “Whatever categories they are, we build them to customized orders that demand good design. We’ve given up massive orders for standard products,” Liao stresses. 

To make quality products, the company has never stopped updating its production systems and entered into cooperation with academic and research institutes like National Cheng Kung University and the government- backed Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Its partnership with the university focused on brushless motor projects. In 2017, the company phased in fully automatic production lines. Over the past few years, the company has garnered ISO9001/1994, ISO9001:2000, 2008 version of ISO9001, and IATF16949 certifcates.