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Jesse Lai Incorporation

2020-03-10 12:23:19

JLI Paved its Road to Success Through Product Expertise & Customer Service

tarted off as a small family-owned business, Jesse Lai Incorporation was established in 1984 with only a handful of employees. It was led by a small group of people with great ambitious dream into becoming one of the leading suppliers for automotive parts in the world. Not one to stray from his goal, Jesse Lai, JLI’s CEO, has always prioritized his business strategies with customer service and product expertise. Through his guidance, the company provides a wide range offer of auto parts, with various material choices of metal or aluminum, from front bumpers to inner fenders, car mirrors to window regulators, and fuel tanks to central locks and performance body kits for all of car models.

Today, JLI prides itself in being one-of-a-kind leading supplier for most of auto parts markets in the world. In the span of first five years of operation, JLI had established business activities all around Europe and Middle East. Throughout the years, JLI has then broadened its business activities even further into Latin America and North America. Now, JLI is considered one of the leading automotive suppliers for many corporations around the world and will continue to strive for excellence. 

The Answer to All of Your Automotive Demands
With 35 years of experience under its belt, JLI is confident of its expertise in automotive products and the abilities to resolve any problems. Jesse Lai brought his company from merely having initial CAD designs to single-handedly orchestrating whole tooling developments, and monitoring mass production of diverse range of auto parts. With its own distribution center of 12,000 M2 wide, the products are personally handled by members of the JLI team. Ensuring top-notch quality for their esteemed clients, JLI takes extra precautions in every step of the way by conducting multi-step close examination of the products before every container; therefore, making JLI a venerable company with immaculate reputation within the industry.

The vast pool of manufacturers it sources from allows the company to meet great demands in very short amount of time, which brands JLI as the go-to supplier of automotive parts for many companies around the world.

“Customer Service First and Foremost” JLI has achieved all of the ISO9001: 2000, 2008, and 2015 accreditation and continuously pushed for further improvements regarding its quality management in order to properly service its clients all over the world, among many are also pioneers in automotive parts in their respective countries. To achieve efficient operation, JLI had divided its company into four different departments: Sales/Purchasing, Logistics, Factory Management, and Administration Department. With each department specializing in its strengths, the company is able to effectively allocate its resources to offer the best suited solution and care for its clients. 

Not to mention that it is not only the professional expertise in automotive products that impresses JLI’s clients, but also the exceptional customer service that it offers. JLI promises to “evaluate business from customers’ perspective” and “create a culture of customer service excellence.” It is ingrained in every employee’s training to always place the client’s needs and demands as the utmost priority and will place tremendous efforts in developing solutions to any automotive challenges regardless of its difficulty.