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UNITEDTEK Corporation

2020-09-08 14:17:17

Unitedtek Corp., founded in 1987, specializes in stamped parts used in electronics, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, hardware products, and hand tools.  The company,  with its well-established know-how in stamping and deep-drawing processes, designs and tools the stamping dies all by itself for its products. Also, it provides tailor-made molds based on layouts or stamped products from customers, further attesting to its notable capability in die manufacturing. The company’s in-house assembly unit handles assembling, quality inspection, and packaging. 

Unitedtek has set up a sound warranty system, which provides the company’s customers with assurance that they will receive a brand new die or a repaired die for nothing when their orders are damaged on the company’s production lines.  

Satisfying customers has been the company’s primary goal since the company was founded over 30 years ago. To meet the goal, Unitedtek provides one-stop manufacturing service covering all manufacturing processes from manufacturing to assembling to packaging, not to mention developing custom products from customers’ viewpoint. Manufacturing quality merchandise to help customers sharpen their competitiveness is what Unitedtek insists, thereby inspiring the company to stress quality, efficiency and credibility as its corporate spirit.  

Upon landing orders from customers, Unitedtek begins watching closely the production and the quality until finish, and tightly observing delivery time. The company ships orders only after thorough quality inspection is done, and provides customers complete after-sales services and warranty according to terms spelled out in contracts. With serious attitude in service, the company has  won affirmation and support from customers.