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SHENQ FANG YUAN (S.F.Y.) Technology Co., Ltd.

2020-09-08 14:25:26

SHENQ FANG YUAN (S.F.Y.) Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a number of patents and complete 
product lines to meet customers' diverse need.  The company has built its solid technology base for manufacturing machine tools over the past 25 years or so since its 1996 inception, enabling it to make dedicated machine tools featuring high rigidity and high stability.  SFY continues developing and designing high-end machine tools in agreement with its core value "Technical advantages, Reliable quality, and Providing customers with a full range of services".
SFY has dedicated itself to the research and development of a wide range of CNC Five-axis simultaneous machining center machines, which are mainly shipped to Europe, Asia, the United States, and Canada for various industries.  These machines are employed by aerospace industry, which is noted for extremely high processing precision and big-name tire-mold makers globally. Also, these machines are well-received by leading European makers of luxury jewelry and watches. These machines meet the needs of different customer groups and are shipped all over the world.

SFY designs and builds a wide range of CNC Double Column High Speed Engraving & Milling machines, CNC Double Column High Speed Machining Centers, CNC Four-axis High Speed Roller Machining Centers, CNC Five-axis Simultaneously Machining Centers, CNC Panel Processing machines, and CNC Four-axis Rotary Tire Mold Machining Centers all by itself. These machines, retaining the fundamentals of traditional technology combined with new technology and methods, are done on integrated production line in-house for special purposes. 

Aware that precision and quality are crucial to the industry, the company, as a professional manufacturer of Five-axis Machining Centers, is committed to improving the quality of the machines and making the machines to industrial standards at all time.  Our customer service reaches a variety of industries, and meets customers' requirements for various applications and even special fields.

SFY takes on Taiwanese engineers of high-speed five-axis machines with more than 20 years of independent R&D, manufacturing, and application experiences under their belt. The company’s machines come with high-quality control capability achieved by imported precision-measurement instruments. In addition to stringent inspections, these machines also need to pass actual cutting tests, and verification for processing accuracy, processed surface quality, and reliability before leaving the factory. These inspections secure higher levels of accuracy of the company machines and the durability of these machines.

SFY has successfully integrated many imported high-quality key components into its machine tools.  In addition to working closely with German, Swiss, Italian, Japanese and other suppliers for many years, and conducting integrated R & D, it has successfully upgraded machine quality to a higher level. The company never compromises on the persistence of quality. Its complete and aggressive sales and service team provides its customers with pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services to maximize its customers’ investment benefit in the machines.

The company adheres to the perfect combination of dedicated spirit with innovative technology to give its customers the best products and highest quality technical support. The persistence of our brand, the stability of the product, the brand value recognition and the belief that make customers satisfied are our unremitting pursuit.
SFY is your trustworthy partner in automobile mold applications.