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Innovation Awards Highlight 2018 Taipei AMPA, AutoTronics Taipei 5-in-1 Mega Show

2018-08-23 22:55:35

The Taiwan External Trade Development Council        (TAITRA) announced the "Innovation Awards" as part of its 2018 five-in-one mega show comprising the Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (TAIPEI AMPA, featured EV TAIWAN), Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei), Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show (MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN), Taiwan International Intelligent Transportation Show (Taiwan ITS) and Taiwan International Car Tuning & Car Care Show (TAIWAN CARTUNING). Building on the previous “Taipei AMPA Innovation Awards” and “AutoTronics Taipei Innovation Awards”, the new award, kicked off in 2015, aims to incentivize innovation in Taiwan.
This year, according to TAITRA, a total of 118 products were entered for the 2018 Innovation Awards, along with many international patents they hold, reflecting the growing attention to innovation among local transportation vehicle and parts makers.

The Innovation Award winners were exhibited at the 5-in-1 Mega Show (April 11th to 14th) at the TWTC Nangang Exhibition Hall. The awarded products will continue to be showcased online and in some major international vehicle-related exhibitions.

The jury based its decisions on four criteria: Innovation (40% of the score), Energy Efficiency (20%), Safety (20%), and Marketability (20%). Products cited by major international design awards as the iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Design Award of Germany, G-Mark of Japan or Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) of the United States also had an advantage in the scoring.

This year's award-winning products, covering the categories of: Parts; Accessories; and Electronic End Products and Par
 ts. The Gold-award winners of each category are introduced below:


Award: Gold Award
Category: Accessories
Winning Item: LED Remote Control Searchlight
Company: Allremote Wireless Technology Co., Ltd.

This product has a very wide range of applications, including for example military, law -enforcement, firefighting emergency vehicles; work trucks like tow-truck, mining, utility maintenance trucks, 4x4 off- road SUVs, ATVs, UTVs, hunting vehicles, boats and yachts, among many others.

Unlike general fix-angle work lamps, this model has two motors for both horizontal and vertical rotation. The user is able to adjust the lamp angle for its requirement and project light beam from a long distance. This model has 360-degree continuous horizontal rotation and 135-degree vertical rotation, and there is motor protection design on vertical terminals. Horizontal rotation has auto-return function. The searchlight will rotate to its original degree when users switch off. This model has built-in wired and wireless function. Remote control distance is about 100 meters in open field. 

Dash-mount wired control joystick is easy for people to operate by one finger or with gloves. This lamp’s lighting source contains 10 high-brightness LED chips which generates Peak Beam Intensity 350,000 Candelas in 8-degree beam pattern and 1,183 meters long beam distance (FL-1 standard). Its input power range is wide from DC12V to DC30V those are available for most vehicles and boats. With above-mentioned features, it’s really a full-function searchlight.

Award: Gold Award

Category: Accessories
Winning Item: Electric Compressors for Vehicles
Company: Gold-Zest Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Compressors used in conventional vehicle air- conditioning are powered by the vehicle’s engine that connects the compressor to the refrigeration system via a belt. However, due to the engine horsepower loss and torque reduction, hill-climbing of a vehicle (less powerful) when the A/C system is on will be a challenge. 

To solve the problems of both horsepower and electricity consumption by an A/C system, Gold-Zest innovates the electric compressor model to replace the traditional belt-driven counterpart. By utilizing the principle of larger moment arm equals to bigger torque, the firm developed a new type electric compressor model achieving up-to-65% power-saving than traditional belt-driven counterparts. 

With the new electric compressor, a vehicle can use only 1KW power to achieve an 8.7KW conditioning efficiency; or a 12V 60A engine battery can run the A/C system for 45 minutes (the engine is off). The compressor innovator explains that it has successfully expanded the stator-winding space to over 90% (comparing to 60% to 70% on traditional motor stator), leading to greater efficiency and less power consumption. The new electric compressor is patented.

According to a company official, the space required for installing the new compressor in a vehicle engine compartment is a little bigger than traditional ones. So, it is more suitable for commercial vehicles’ A/C system applications. 

Award: Gold Award
Category: Electronic End Products and Parts
Winning Item: 3D Advanced Display Automotive 
                          Lighting Technology
Company: Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.

In order to meet the public’s expectation on the taillight shape and effect, Everlight demonstrated the 3D automobile taillight featuring 3D Advanced Display Automotive Lighting Technology. The technology was designed with the special structures of optics and geometric distributions of LED, which can change the emitting angles of LED to present the different effects on 3D display. Different from traditional taillight with direct emission, the 3D Taillight with stereoscopic lines and patterns visually presented the attractive appearance, which the durability performance and cost advantage were better than those for OLED 3D, as well as in compliance with ECE R6 and R7.

Therefore, the 3D Taillight won the “Innovation Award” at Taipei AMPA on account of possessing brilliant appearance and fine performance. The design concepts for taillight from automobile manufacturers and the requirements of LED wattage varied, yet, the 3D technology developed by Everlight would not be limited by LED wattage (0.2W, 0.5W and 1W), which can be designed for rear driving lights, rear brake lights, and rear blinkers to meet all application requirements.

Everlight says that it has been devoted to develop LED components for automobiles about a decade, expecting not only to extend the production lines but also continuously develop high-tech and high-quality products. Aside from satisfying the requirements from the automobile manufacturers’ customers, the company also offers the convenient and safe driving environment for drivers and pedestrians.

Award: Gold Award
Category: Parts
Winning Item: LED headlight bulb for motorcycle and automobile
Company: ADI Optics Ltd.

A variety of LED headlights are currently available for use in vehicles. However, optical distribution expertise was not utilized in altering their design from a halogen bulb structure to a LED architecture, which led these lights to fail to meet government regulations as well requirements from the original carmakers. On the contrary, ADI Optics has developed b-beam lamps whose spatial distribution meet regulatory requirements regardless of the lighting fixtures adopted.

With its unconventional lighting- source designs, ADI Optics' patented LED motor vehicle headlight lamps comply with optical and thermal dissipation requirements, as well as structural and regulatory ones. Its product structure combines high and low beams into one optical design and adheres to ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) regulations. The low beams remain on and bright when the driver turns on the high beams, while the center of the low beams compensates emittance for brightness to avoid driving hazards due to poor road lighting. Good automobile lighting ensures peace of mind for road users when they drive. Bright and glare-free headlights whose spatial distribution satisfies regulatory requirements provide optimal visibility conditions and prevent road accidents.