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2018 Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories 5-in-1 Mega Show Ends in Good Results

2018-08-23 22:00:06

The globally reputed automotive, powered two-wheeler (PTW) and e-vehicle (EV) trade show held April 11-14/15 (for the motorcycle show), 2018 in the Nangang Exhibition Center as well as Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center was a 5-in-1 mega event this year. Held by the semi-official trade promoter Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the show literally offered practically everything automotive, motorcycle, EV, including related equipment and accessories, consisting of the Taipei International Auto Parts & Accessories Show (TAIPEI AMPA, featured EV TAIWAN), Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (AutoTronics Taipei), Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show (MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN), Taiwan International Intelligent Transportation Show (Taiwan ITS) and Taiwan International Car Tuning & Car Care Show (TAIWAN CARTUNING).


Asia's Only Specialized Exhibition for 2- & 4-wheel Vehicles
The 5-in-1 mega show, according to the trade promoter and organizer TAITRA, is Asia's only specialized exhibition for two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles, with 1,306 exhibitors (collectively attracted by the five shows) manning more than 3,707 booths (including 1,002 exhibitors using 2,874 booths in TAIPEI AMPA featured EV TAIWAN; 108 exhibitors occupying 307 booths in AutoTronics Taipei; 31 exhibitors manning 50 booths in Taiwan ITS, 152 exhibitors manning 423 booths in MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN; and 13 exhibitors manning 53 booths in TAIWAN CARTUNING).

This year, the 5-in-1 mega show attracted 6,854 foreign buyers from 120 countries. The top-10 major buyer nations (and regions) were Japan, China, the United States, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. 

Major Themes 
The three major themes at this year’s 5-in-1 Mega Show were smart tech, automotive electronics, and electric vehicles. 
Numerous manufacturers at the venue exhibited the newest products in smart driver assistance systems, high performance battery modules, and automotive electronic applications. Some highlights included major exhibitors’ active battery balance management technology, an EV-solution provider’s pure electric supercar Miss R and electric commercial truck Mr. T, and an automotive-electronic company’s remote- imaging head-up display…among many others.


This year, self-driving vehicle experiencing activities were held in outdoor exhibit area, where a first-ever on-road experience area was planned. Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC), the most important transportation-vehicle testing and R&D institute in Taiwan, demonstrated different types of autonomous vehicles, including a self-driving electric golf cart and a fully-automated passenger-car model for on-site experiencing. The automotive center’s “smart” vehicles are integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, such as pedestrian-, vehicle-, and traffic signal-identification and active vehicle distance cruise control etc. While Hua-chuang Automobile Information Technical Center Co., Ltd. (HAITEC), a major automotive innovator in Taiwan, provided its LUXGEN S3 EV+ pure-electric passenger car with integrated AR technologies, such as chassis see- through imaging and an active 360-degree panoramic imaging system; the hands-on experience provided visitors with a feel for the future of smart transportation.

Quality Int’l Buyers
The Taipei Auto Parts 5-in-1 Mega Show has always attracts crowds of quality foreign buyers. This year, attendees included notable buyer groups from China, New Zealand, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Pakistan. The Myanmar Automobile Manufacturer & Distributor Association (MAMDA) organized a visitor delegation to participate in the exhibit. Dr. Soe Tun, president of MAMDA, attended the AMPA Myanmar media forum. Vice President Jay Park of the U.S. Trico Group said that this year's visit focused on seeking potential auto parts suppliers. Park pointed out that he has found Taiwan's manufacturers to be extremely active in exploring the export market and their products are of excellent quality and very competitive.

Lorenzo Fontana, procurement manager of Italy's Ufo Plast Srl, said that this year marks his 7th visit to the motorcycle industry show in Taiwan. He considers Taiwan's exhibitions very suitable for foreign buyers due to the appropriate scale of the exhibits, centralization of motorcycle products, and the ease of finding suitable suppliers.

Happy Exhibitors
This year, exhibitors not only expanded in scale but in their investments in booth decorations. Juluen, an active Taiwanese exhibitor in the show, indicated that AMPA is the perfect platform to expose products and to network with potential buyers. Moreover, exhibits attract many "heavyweight" buyers during the exhibition period.
Fukuta Motors, another local exhibitor supplying high-end motors to international EV makers, said that the booths in this year's show were well planned and drew high rates of inquiry from international buyers. The exhibit met their expectations and they expect to participate in the future. A first-time Japanese exhibitor, FE Trade, was not only the largest exhibitor in the foreign area but also a big supporter of exhibit services and visiting buyer quality. The company plans to participate and expand its exhibit area in next year's exhibition for sure.


The first-ever Taiwan International Intelligent Transportation Show (ITS) and Taiwan International Car Tuning & Car Care Show were also well received. An ITS exhibitor, the Automotive Ethernet Alliance said that domestic and international industry visitors during the exhibition period were extremely impressed by the development of Ethernet in Taiwan.

Foreign buyers from Lebanon and Egypt expressed high interest in negotiating distribution of Taiwanese e-scooter maker China-Motor's e-moving electric scooters. Car renovation exhibitor Chuanwei Jeep revealed that they confirmed sales on 6 vehicles during the exhibition period, a very fruitful result.

TAIPEI AMPA & AutoTronics Taipei (featured EV Taiwan)

Taiwan's makers of automotive parts and accessories have honed their expertise for decades by filling mostly aftermarket orders for global buyers, with the island now being one of the world's largest exporting countries of aftermarket (AM) replacement auto parts. With such strong competitive advantages in the global parts market, Taiwan's auto parts makers have been enjoying stable export growth in recent years, with the only exception in 2009, when the global financial meltdown led to an minor percent decline. 


Data from the Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers' Association, or TTVMA, show that Taiwan's auto parts exports totaled about NT$214.97 billion (US$7.17 billion) in 2018, up 1.73 percent from the previous year. The major exports, TTVMA 
data shows, include tires, automotive lighting, electric parts, suspension and transmission systems, engines,
wheels and braking systems, with the top-five export countries being the U.S., Japan, China, U.K. and Netherlands.
TAIPEI AMPA has always enjoyed solid reputation as an automotive parts event, with more than 1,000 firms using about 3,000 booths this year. AutoTronics Taipei, an event held simultaneously, hosted more than 100 firms that manned about 300 booths, in which the notable suppliers included Taiwanese brands as Tung Thih, E-Lead, Mobiletron, Whetron, etc.

Motorcycle Taiwan
With more than 95 percent of motorcycles on the island domestically produced, Taiwan boasts a complete supply chain of bike parts and accessories that serves the home market and supports its global expansion.
Taiwan began to evolve from being a recipient of technology from mainly Japanese motorcycle brands to an exporter of quality, innovative, own-branded PTWs to riders all over the world from 25 years ago. Now the island, too, is still the most important overseas production base of top-quality, sub-250cc scooters and ATVs for different Japanese vendors; supplying hundreds of thousands of such vehicles to Japan and other regions directly under Japanese nameplates.
Taiwan's annual PTW production volume (for both domestic and export sales) hit the peak of 1.62 million units in 1995, and since then it began falling gradually due mainly to the upgraded living standard and well-constructed mass rapid transit networks in
major cities on the island, though the export volume continued to ramp up. Due to demand drop from Europe, however, the island’s export volume of assembled PTWs saw incremental declines in the past few years.

Taiwanese motorcycle and accessory vendors have on tap sophisticated design and manufacturing technologies, with Taiwanese PTW brands, parts and accessories being widely recognized both at home and abroad. The 13th Motorcycle Taiwan in 2018 attracted 152 firms who booked 423 booths, which hosted Taiwanese exhibitors as NCY, Yih Jing, Ming Ming and King Tony, as well as global brands.


Taiwan ITS
TAITRA hosted the first Taiwan ITS in 2018 at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1. The organizer invites professionals from the public transportation and rolling-stock industries, as well as municipal governments to display their achievements on intelligent transportation development. This show was planned to blend B2B and B2G (government) together to create new business opportunities in Taiwan's smart transportation.

The first-ever show focuses on three areas: the "Public Transportation Management System", "Traffic Information System", and "Vehicle Assembly/ Vehicle Body/ Vehicle Design System". Exhibitors include manufacturers of In-Vehicle Computers, Infotainment Systems, Digital Maps, Vehicle Body Materials, Repair Equipment, GPS, eTag etc. are expected to join the show. TAITRA also reached out to Taoyuan City, which is among the top performers of the transportation industry export particularly with its collaboration with US-based Linkay in introducing unmanned electric buses into the city. In addition, Taiwan's leading rolling stock manufacturer--Taiwan Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., and the Hsinchu City Government also to participated in the show.


According to data from the Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute of the Institute for Information Industry (III), it is estimated that Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) industry production had reached US$36 billion in 2017 and is estimated to reach US$48 billion dollars in 2020. It's clear that intelligent transportation has become the future trend of the industry. 
This year, 31 exhibitors comprising 50 booths in the 2018 Taiwan ITS, and the numbers are expected to see clear growth in next version.

2018 Innovation Awards & Supplementary Activities
As part of TAITRA's effort to encourage new product R&D among exhibitors, 2018 Innovation Awards saw a total of 24 award winners in the categories of automotive parts, automotive accessories, automotive electronics end products, and automotive electronics parts, all of whom, selected jointly by industry representatives, experts and scholars, were already announced in the pre-show press conference.
Those winners are selected based upon five criteria: innovation, contribution to industry, market value, energy efficiency and aesthetics, and the award-winning products were displayed in Nangang Exhibition Hall during the show.
Every year, the award-winning items outline the market and technology development trend. Among the winning products this year, the LED Remote Control Searchlight from Allremote Wireless Technology Co., Ltd.; the Electric Compressors for Vehicles from Gold-
Zest Enterprise Co., Ltd.; 3D Advanced Display Automotive Lighting Technology from Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.; and the LED headlight bulb for motorcycle and automobile from ADI Optics Ltd. took the Gold Award in each of their segment.
The 5-in-1 show also features educational and thought-provoking presentations and seminars during its four-day run, with topics on market development, automotive industry's future, etc.
In the 2018 Global EV/Auto Parts Markets conference held during the exhibition period, talks were delivered by such notable people as Chung-Liang Chang (former senior manager of Audi), Nobuhiro Tajima, representative director of the Japanese Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV), and Taylor Mitchell, vice president of Technology of the Auto Care Association. 
The industry seminar attracted over 300 registered participants, who intensively interacted with the speakers during the conference. In addition, the event invited many famous figures in local automotive industry, such as most-famous rally driver He-Huang Chen and popular test driver Liao I-Chen etc. to the stage at TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, letting them share their racing experiences and in-depth automotive knowledge. The event attracted numerous businesses and non-commercial visitors. The responses were enthusiastic.

2019 Calendar

The 2019 TAIPEI AMPA and AutoTronics Taipei will be at Hall 1, from April 24 (Wednesday) to April 27 (Saturday); while the rest three shows, including  TAIWAN ITS, MOTORCYCLE TAIWAN, and Taiwan CarTuning, are scheduled to be held at Hall 1 of the TWTC, from April 24 to April 27 (Sunday). Show organizer TAITRA says the registration for the 2019 shows will begin in August, 2018.